Teodor Vulpius
music composer
Doctors at work
Performing a surgery on an electric guitar and thereby creating music
Turning Math into Music
Creating a musical piece mathematically by writing the equations that describe every sound wave
12 Tone Matrix for Solo Cello (with Zeemin Nam)
This piece was made with a 12 tone matrix and goes through all rows. I paint over the notes as Zeemin Nam is playing them on the Cello.
"Offbeat" by PictureCUT
I had a great oportunity to work with the Picturecut team from Austria on this short drama film.
Born in 2000, Codrin Teodor Vulpoiu (artist name Teodor Vulpius) is a Romanian composer. He started his musical journey at 7 years old learning to play the guitar. During highschool he started his Youtube channel Teodor Vulpius, where he posts all of his original work, which more recently comprises innovative musical projects. The creation of the Youtube channel marked the beginning of music composition for Teodor. In 2020 he started the Media composition study at the Vienna Music Institute.